About Andrew

I was born in 1972 in Newcastle, N.S.W to parents Sheila and Allan Anderson. My mother and father had just emigrated from Aberdeen Scotland, along with my older brother, Neil. After staying in Newcastle for a year my father got a job on Christmas Island. The island was a great start to my childhood, and I have fond memories of swimming in Flying Fish Cove and running in between the houses on our block playing Two Sticks.

My parents decided to move back to Scotland when I was 10. We settled into life in Dumbarton Scotland, with my brother and I playing a lot of sport partially due to the fact we had no television. My father called the television an idiot box and thought we should be outside playing with other children. After it got dark at night, and in the winter months this was early, I took to reading. I remember going to the library with my mother and sitting in the children’s section reading Asterix and Obelix. After reading every book I had any interest in, I moved out of the children’s area and started reading a lot of westerns. As I grew older, I began to visit the library by myself. I would borrow my designated four book load, devouring any author’s works that put me deep into a story.

In secondary school at Dumbarton Academy, I came across role-playing games and other likeminded friends who also read. I started swapping books with them and soon read The Lord of the RingsThe Chronicles of Druss the Legend and the five-book epic The Belgariad. These got me hooked on the fantasy field, and I read mainly this genre with only the occasional Stephen King book from my brother’s bookshelf thrown in.

After school, I did my apprenticeship in Aberdeenshire where I worked as a car mechanic. With my apprenticeship done, I moved to Australia, working for ten years underground in the Kalgoorlie mining industry. From there, I worked offshore for another six years before returning to Perth.

I am currently married to Narelle, a wonderful woman whose enthusiasm for life keeps it interesting and happy. We have a mixed family of three children. Jaie, Adam and Lilly all live close by, and we still get an occasional visit when their busy lives allow. (Yes, this is a plug to get you to visit more!)

A friend, Adam Alliss, announced on social media that he was having a book launch, and after phoning him, I discovered that he had written several books. I told him I had tried writing my own book several years before, but when the floppy disk holding the few words I had done died, I never bothered rewriting it. His encouragement made me start the book again. This book ended up being Blackstone.

I hope all that take the time to read it, enjoy it and I thank you for the time you spent consuming its pages. Hopefully, I can spend more of my time writing in the future and will do so if my work is received favourably. 

A little magic in your life can only be a good thing and I hope you have plenty in yours.

Andrew Anderson