Do You Need An Account To See Profiles?

Do You Need An Account To See Profiles?

Finding your partner is always hard, even if you are straight. But if you are a gay guy, it might be even more difficult to meet someone not using online dating sites. GaysGoDating dating site offers a solution. You will be spending time in a safe environment without judgment. But even this is not the most important thing about GaysGoDating since this casual dating website is a pro at connecting like-minded individuals. Read this GaysGoDating review to decide whether it fits you.

Pros / Cons

  • Only males.
  • Easy categorization for easier online dating and matchmaking.
  • It offers to meet men for different types of relations.
  • Great variety of users.
  • Pretty precise matches.
  • Some fake profiles.

GaysGoDating At A Glance

  • Best for: men looking men; for gay men seeking romantic relationships in a safe environment.
  • The number of members: millions.
  • Recommended age: 18-50+.
  • Favorite features: easy categorization of members, adding to favorites, flirt custom messages to attract attention, free trial.

What Is GaysGoDating?

It is a purely gay dating site, meaning it was created only for men. It can be used by bisexuals, but only if they are seeking guys. There are no women on this site, so it is only for gay men. GaysGoDating reviews left by real people claim it is one of the healthiest websites. The word “healthy” in this context means there is no bullying, trolling, or offending other users. People use GaysGoDating best dating site simply to start serious relationships. Moreover, the site allows different types of relationships depending on the needs of each individual. More details below.

How Does GaysGoDating Work?

Now you know what GaysGoDating is – a gay site. But how does it work and what makes it stand out from all other similar sites? It categorizes users thus enabling them to find compatible matches quicker. The main idea is every user has to decide who he is – twink, bear, clean-cut, etc. There are lots of options. And due to these characteristics, the site, and the users will be able to quickly identify compatible partners.

Sign Up

The registration is simple and quick, use the GaysGoDating log in page. Just insert your data in the empty fields of a registration form. Then agree to the rules and make your profile more attractive by adding info and pictures. That’s it! The review of GaysGoDating website shows that it takes about 5 minutes.

Search / Profile Quality

The search function operates accurately and you can find someone due to your preferences, your location, or age. As for the profiles, you can even ask the owner of the profile to add some more info if that is what you need. The reviews are positive about the search.


Due to the reviews, the site is relatively safe. Why relatively? Since some reviews claim there are fake accounts. They are getting blocked, but this is still an issue. So overall, is GaysGoDating safe? Yes, but don’t give secret information to anyone on the site.


The support team works all the time so you can contact them whenever is echat dating needed. The reviews claim though there might be a delay of the answer – you will get it within one day.

If you buy only a month of subscription, you pay almost 30 dollars. If you buy more, you can get a discount, the cost can drop in half.


The truth about GaysGoDating is that it is a safe haven for men who are seeking men to start dating. Overall, it is fun to use GaysGoDating among other gay dating sites and to have a premium account there – that’s what most reviews claim.

Is GaysGoDating Good Or Not?

Yes, the website seems to be good since it caters to the interests of the gay community. It is purely for gay men, it is never used by lesbian women. Most men here feel comfortable since any kind of offending someone is forbidden. Special moderators keep an eye on chats so there won’t be any offensive comments. Plus, you can report offensive activity so that user will be banned.

Is GaysGoDating Legit Or Not Legal?

Yes, the website is legal. You can check that by visiting GaysGoDating and clicking on the Internet connection button near the place where you insert the URL. You will see that GaysGoDating has a certificate and it is still active. Which means that the site is legal. Be aware of scammers though, they are everywhere, even on the safest sites.

What Does GaysGoDating Offer?

This GaysGoDating review shows that the site offers a safe environment for men with non-traditional sexual orientation. No one will annoy you with stupid comments or shame you for who you are. Plus, GaysGoDating has one of the biggest databases so it will be easier to meet a compatible partner. The reviews claim that GaysGoDating is a decent site.

How To Use It?

It is simple. First, create a GaysGoDating account. The reviews claim that after creating the account you can observe the profiles of users for free. GaysGoDating reviews also claim that the website has a free three days trial. So you can either check out the profiles and decide whether it is worth registering, or you simply can start a trial immediately and test all features of the dating platform.

Yes, all people who have been or are using GaysGoDating claim in reviews that the profiles are protected from unauthorized users. So you need a GaysGoDating account due to the reviews of members.

Is There An Anonymous Mode?

It doesn’t seem that there is such a function. Reviews of users claim that there is a paid and free version and you can’t see the albums of users if you are a free user. The users in their reviews also note that the site doesn’t keep track of who is visiting your profile, so it is like Facebook but for dating.

Can You Delete A GaysGoDating Account?

Yes, you can do that in settings. You can also disable all notifications on your mail if you don’t like it spammed with messages about someone messaging you etc.

What Do The GaysGoDating Reviews Say?

Most GaysGoDating dating site reviews say that the site is worth using. It is a safe haven for men who are seeking other men. It has different types of relationships to offer, it has a useful and convenient interface, it offers interesting features that make dating even easier.

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