Throughout their first couple of experience, Tanjiro and you will Muichiro kept a tense dating

Throughout their first couple of experience, Tanjiro and you will Muichiro kept a tense dating

Immediately after Tanjiro effortlessly production so you can their peoples setting, she whines from contentment which will be noticeably alleviated to see him safely back as the a human, the two buying and selling tearful smiles because they sit round the out of for every single other.

Tanjiro and Kanao manage in the course of time ily, which have two great-grandchildren by the names off Kanata Kamado and you will Sumihiko Kamado between him or her.

Genya Shinazugawa

After they basic interacted, Tanjiro from inside the an alert motion gripped Genya’s sleeve to the level where it could possess busted because the abuse for approximately handling Kanata Ubuyashiki immediately after the final selection. It reunited once more about butterfly residence following Tanjiro had recovered their injuries throughout the their battle with Straight down Review 5 however, whenever Tanjiro tried to greeting your, Genya coldly ignored him.

It fulfilled again about Swordsmith Town when Tanjiro watched Genya regarding hot springs, and you will interacted which have him, the guy tried to get along with him, however, Genya was bringing crazy and you will creeped out-by Tanjiro. It in the future molded a bond once they fought together with her. A couple days immediately after, Genya came to heat up so you’re able to Tanjiro and they turned romantic household members.

Kyojuro Rengoku

Initially, Kyojuro greatly disapproved away from Tanjiro to have traveling with Nezuko, a devil. [11] Yet not, during their mutual goal in order to defeat Enmu, it molded a thread and you may turned close despite merely using good couple of hours with her. That it thread even advertised Kyojuro provide taking Tanjiro as the a good Tsuguko. [12]

Kyojuro common his latest moments with Tanjiro and you will profoundly inspired him with his terms and conditions regarding reassurance, entrusting the new kid to successfully pass into their final terminology so you can their younger aunt and you can dad and stating his acceptance away from Nezuko while the a real person in brand new Corps. [13] Pursuing the Flames Hashira’s passageway, Tanjiro proceeded to hang their deep respect and you will like for him, to be infuriated of course someone else manage speak sick from the him. [14] During his fight Daki, Tanjiro recalls Kyojuro’s terminology and this promote your during the their battle. [15]

Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro reprimanded Tanjiro by the flicking a granite on their lead shortly after the latter disturbed Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s speech, and you may Tanjiro are bewildered by the Muichiro’s impolite procedures on Kotetsu from the brand new Swordsmith Town. But not, shortly after hearing Tanjiro’s advice about helping other people, Muichiro is swayed enough to transform their psychology, saving Kotetsu and Kozo Kanamori during the Gyokko’s assault to the community. Shortly after after that regaining his thoughts, Muichiro and you will Tanjiro turned buddies, which have Muichiro demonstrating hefty prejudice on Tanjiro once they coached together inside Hashira work out. Immediately following reading on Muichiro’s death as a result of Kokushibo, Tanjiro destroyed rips over the death of his pal and you may vowed so you’re able to himself however continue attacking difficult.


Tanjiro match Taayo features assisted him knowing a lot more about Muzan and also suggests an effective way to turn Nezuko to your a human. While in the Tanjiro’s journey, Tamayo talks about and you can seeks difficult to produce medication so you can build demons individual again. Tanjiro also reveals respect so you’re able to Tamayo and you may gathers the fresh 12 Kizuki’s bloodstream to help you speed up her advances.


Tanjiro suits Yushiro in the 1st mission for the Asakusa Arc, and it appears to be Yushiro does not for example Tanjiro just like the the guy cannot in that way another person are squeezing to your his existence having Tamayo. Regardless of this, through the Infinity Palace, Yushiro continues help and wants getting Tanjiro to stay alive. And when this new battle’s more than, Yushiro visits Tanjiro and you may praises him.

Gyomei Himejima

In the first Hashira Meeting, Gyomei evaluator that Tanjiro should be slain when he is actually a good Demon Slayer traveling close to a devil. Later, when you look at the Hashira Education Arch, Tanjiro reveals Gyomei their dedication, stability, and hard really works, which leads to your being approved by Brick Hashira.

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