It might also trigger a municipal combat

It might also trigger a municipal combat

Into the Defiant, that is commanded jest xmatch za darmo by Worf, new Lakota staff hails and you will demand your ship lose its shields and you can prepare yourself is boarded while the boat brings up shields and charge firearms.

Act Five

Into the Leyton’s work environment, Sisko tries to convince Leyton that almost every other Federation planets will never deal with Starfleet overthrowing the legally decided to go with chairman otherwise starting from just what commonly basically getting a dictatorship on earth. Getting the Lakota flames towards the Defiant is the 1st step off that black street, but Leyton won’t terminate the order.

To the Defiant, the new team wonder if for example the Lakota team is actually bluffing, not, after they get into guns variety, he’s discharged through to of the Excelsior-group motorboat. Master O’Brien notes that Lakota seemingly have got its guns up-to-date, and you will unwilling to exposure losing protects in order to cloak and you will unsure it is outrun the fresh new Lakota, new crew’s only choice is to battle its way-out.

Leyton notes new irony you to definitely Sisko got in the first place been way more interested within the technologies than simply he was during the command, until Leyton produced him very first administrator, but notes he didn’t show Ben regarding respect. Sisko balks at this, feeling Leyton ‘s the past person to speak with your about commitment whenever he is damaged their oath in order to Starfleet and you may ordered one of its boats so you’re able to flames on the various other.

Only next, Benteen hails Leyton, together with admiral, still at the phaser-point, responses. Benteen informs your they are not able to avoid the Defiant owed so you’re able to the lady ablative armour (the newest stocking of which was not into the listing to help you Starfleet surgery). Leyton amends his orders and so the Defiant isn’t really to get disabled, but shed at any cost. Benteen try surprised, and you can Sisko begs with her not to ever kill the Starfleet officials serving for the Defiant as she knows there isn’t any Changelings on the board. Benteen concludes the fresh new signal once Leyton reminds her away from the girl requests.

Both Defiant therefore the Lakota was in fact defectively broken, and you may good hit away from both often finish the almost every other regarding. The fresh new Defiant crew try reluctant to use fatal force up against the almost every other crew… therefore appears the new Lakota team have the identical to new boat backs out of and you may hails.

Sisko try called from the Worf, exactly who tells him the latest Lakota is escorting the newest Defiant so you’re able to Earth, although not, one another vessels suffered casualties. Sisko tells Leyton you to chances are, Odo get shown his research in order to Jaresh-Inyo… their patch is more than. Leyton nonetheless will not undertake so it, and tells Sisko he has got enough faithful officials remaining and work out a battle from it. Sisko says to him he will be attacking Starfleet today too and you can Benteen, who had been their closest ally, has recently abandoned him very it would be only a question of time before the other people carry out as well. Ultimately recognizing he’s already been outdone, Leyton takes off his insignia pins and you will departs their office to end up being detained, but expectations you to definitely Sisko isn’t really and also make an error.

The condition of disaster try in the near future increased, and you may Environment much slower starts to come back to normal. Odo explains to any or all you can still find Changelings in the world, however, no one is happy to let them change the means they real time… if your Dominion desires ruin World, they must get it done by themselves. With that, Ben and you will Jake say a fond farewell to Joseph and with Odo, initiate the journey to Deep space nine, while Joseph next opens new cafe and you will welcomes inside the customers as life returns on track on the planet.

Splendid prices

“Admiral Leyton may be somewhat grating and you may rigid on occasion, but for one away from his achievements, men from their prominent record, so you can to go treason?” “I know this new admiral does not see it due to the fact treason! He’d most likely defend it as a desperate operate out of patriotism.”

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