I supply twice daily, prawns, angel algorithm and you may dehydrated seaweed

I supply twice daily, prawns, angel algorithm and you may dehydrated seaweed

Lunare wrasse I was thinking of adding a lunare wrasse to my 125, the tank has- 1) Maculosus angel ( 6″) 2) black durgeon ( 5 1/2″) 3) panther grouper (6″) the grouper should be leaving this tank (probably the same day the wrasse would come in) other possible tankmates would be – purple and/or Sohal tang I have looked at your website and have noted that the lunare is an aggressive species, would that aggression be OK in this system? What and how often should I feed? how hardy is this fish? Is their a better wrasse choice in terms of aggression and hardiness? thanks for the advice – Yaron Aronowicz >>

Invertebrates hi bob, moving together back at my aquarium and obtaining much pleasure. matter tank friends are pretty docile save your self a great effective lunare wrasse. one invertebrates simpatico using this type of man? thank you far tap >> Hmm, well, wii enjoy having mix much when it comes to invertebrates with this specific variety (Thalassoma lunare) in general. but perhaps you have an easygoing specimen? Regarding the only path to go ‘s the “bio-assay” when trying some hardy brand of low-vertebrates and see if the Wrasse simply leaves him or her end up being. Possibly a fabric/Toadstool delicate coral first off? Zoanthids? Maybe not short crustaceans. Bob Fenner

Lunare Wrasse I recently added an effective cuatro-5″ Reddish Ocean Lunare Wrasse to my ninety girl. seafood only tank. You will find an excellent seven” Majestic, a 5″ Asfur, an effective 4″ Purple Tang, a great Percula, an effective About three Stripe Damsel, and you will a lime Tail Damsel. The brand new wrasse has been doing ideal for about a few months however, the guy has just arrive at harass my personal a couple of Angels! He or she is constantly selecting away and you can damaging there stunning fins. We eliminated brand new Wrasse for around ten months following very the brand new Angels might get a headache crack. As i came back brand new Wrasse he went on to choose at the fins. Now I am deleting your once more. I was thinking why these was in fact allowed to be silent neighborhood fish? Could there be one promise that the behavior will be different? There is certainly lots of hiding places regarding the container and that i actually experimented with lowering the temperature by the a number of level more than a beneficial seven-day several months. Maybe I’m not feeding sufficient? Thanks a lot, Chuck >> Maybe the giving can assist. but which tank is largely a tiny small for everyone this type of “territorial” fishes. in the wild both angels additionally the Thalassoma lunare carry out never put up with for every other people exposure in such a small volume since ninety gallons. Bob Fenner, that would trading the fresh new wrasse for the.

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You will find a comb wrasse, lionfish purple volitans), panther grouper, and you may a good clown bring about in the good 225 gal container. I thought out of adding good lunare wrasse. could there be people compatibility conditions that you could is huggle gratis foresee? matt. >> Hmm, the fresh new Lunare Wrasse (Thalassoma lunare) could become quite a great bully over time/increases. whether it was in fact myself, I’d explore a less strenuous-heading person in brand new genus or an effective Halichoeres wrasse (comparable in seems, not as imply) instead. hortulanus? A handsome fish these days. Bob Fenner

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Decorated fairy wrasse Am i able to remain an effective cuatro inches decorated fairy wrasse for the a good 75 gallon reef tank. Wouldn’t it irritate my personal vacuum cleaner shrimps. would it be simple to take care of. I am thanking from the buying one but I understand nothing on wrasses. >> Fairy Wrasses (genus Cirrhilabrus) are great for created, silent lay-ups. he’s able feeders of all preferred aquarium food. and though shy are really easy to look after. and certainly will get-off your own Machine Shrimps become. Bob Fenner, who’s got questionnaire parts on the wrasses (household members Labridae), some of the dominant genera and you may species of use in which large (600 varieties along with) members of the family held at the hyperlink: WetWebMedia you could start on.

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