New 2003 attack off Iraq assisted so you’re able to break the newest Franco-American alliance

New 2003 attack off Iraq assisted so you’re able to break the newest Franco-American alliance

foolhardy (Deceive hahr dee) adj. rash; reckless; ambitious otherwise adventurous in the a foolish method • Sid’s rushing with the consuming strengthening in order to help save the new pet is both heroic and foolhardy. • Possibly foolhardy acts are rewarded from the grateful anyone; usually they truly are rewarded by crisis. foreboding (fawr BOH ding) letter. a prescience otherwise portent, specifically out of something bad to come • Whenever Nan and you can Suzie walked with the troubled domestic, both got a sense of foreboding. • Audrey’s foreboding caused the woman to depart the newest canal, just minutes earlier collapsed. forgery (FAWR joer ee) letter. the new act regarding imitating art works, money, signatures, etc. towards the intent so you can cheat • Elmyr de Hory ended up selling a huge selection of works of art forgery to this new galleries and museums of the world. • Their story try to begin with informed regarding the guide Phony, by Clifford Irving, exactly who later on typed the latest forgery out of Howard Hughes’s autobiography. • The key Service’s main task is always to end forgery from U. [forgeries pl.]

forlorn (fawr LAWRN) adj. 1. left behind otherwise abandoned; 2. let down and you may alone • Getting marooned to your a wasteland isle would make one to end up being forlorn. • Leftover condition from the altar, Harold heaved an effective forlorn sound. [-ly adv., -ness letter.]

Alice’s shriek fractured the new close-done quiet

forsake (fawr SAYK) vt. step one. to stop; ditch (a habit, most readily useful, etc.); dos. to depart; renounce • Having chose to forsake their 1971 Chevy, Gerald kept it because of the section of the path inside the Timbuktu. • They behooves whoever has already been smoking cigarettes to forsake you to habit forthwith. • Janet vowed to help you forsake the lady life of offense and also to end up being good doer of good deeds. [forsook, -letter, forsaking]

fortitude (FAWR ti tood) n. the fresh new electricity to withstand soreness and you will bad luck quietly and you can patiently • Although the fire’s usage of their house try a loss so you’re able to Malcom with his members of the family, it completed they having fortitude. • It is hard to display fortitude in the face of tragedy, however, because of the definition, that’s the best way one could get it done. [Syn. resolution, courage]

happy (FAWR tyoo nit) adj. 1. lucky; with all the best; having good fortune; dos. favorable; auspicious • Roger was fortunate for pulled the plane just before the new airline one crashed. • Sarah is very happy when she picked the brand new profitable lotto quantity. [thank goodness adv.]

promote (FAW blend) vt. step one. to carefully raise; rear; 2. to help you feed; help expand or produce; promote -adj. undergoing treatment due to the fact a certain family member, even though neither associated nor then followed • Mickey fostered the colt as if they had been his very own guy. • Whole milk producers promote a nationwide venture to market milk products sipping. • Dorothy and Al is promote parents to 3 promote pupils. [-ed, -ing]

crack (FRAK chir) vt. step one. to-break or separated; to compromise; 2. so you can interrupt; to split right up -letter. step 1. some slack otherwise cleft; dos. a reduced-away from part; fragment; step three. a reduced limbs • • • • •

Matt fractured their ulna to try out freeze hockey. Your doctor set Mike’s fractured digit having an excellent splint. Flint knives were made from the striking one or two items of flint together assured regarding fracturing a chip regarding you to form the fresh blade. [-d, fracturing] [Syn. break]

S. money

versatility (100 % free darkened) letter. step 1. the state or quality of getting clear of brand new power over almost every Boston hookup other individuals, otherwise certain legislation otherwise legislation; dos. a right or privilege • The nations of your Americas really worth its liberty off their former Western european colonizers. • Cops automobiles on duty appreciate freedom about parking legislation inside the the metropolis. • Freedom of speech and you may versatility out of faith are only a couple of the brand new liberties Americans are meant to take pleasure in. regularity (Free kwin get a hold of) n. step one. how many minutes things is actually constant within this a particular given period of time; number of vibration for each and every time frame; 2. a repeating or repeated occurrence • Whenever something vibrates between regarding 31 and sixteen,100 moments each next, their volume is in the listing of normal person hearing. • Supersonic frequencies is actually above the listing of person reading, while subsonic frequencies try below you to diversity. • The fresh frequency out-of vehicle horn honkings when you look at the Amanda’s society means five per hour.

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