If you have used “ Tinder ” there you can see that they ask for complete registration

If you have used “ Tinder ” there you can see that they ask for complete registration

Safe Signing Up

The very first step for any app registration. Whether you say signing up or registration it is all the same. Sometimes datingranking.net/nl/faceflow-overzicht you can sign in directly through FB , Instagram, or Gmail but at times some apps ask you for complete registration. And if we talk about dating apps, it will be better to develop a complete registration forum for the users so that they can better put up with their likes or dislikes.

Like what age group people would you like to date, what profession will you prefer and you can even place your location preference. So yes, signing up is an essential feature which you should put in your dating app.

User’s Profile

Now as it is a dating app, provide one section where users can create their own profile. Like setting up their images, preferences, likes/dislikes. Where they can provide information about themselves. Where they can put up their daily posts or events. Where they can search for the people they want to connect with and their other FB or Instagram friends.

Geo-Location Tracking

In many famous dating apps like, Tinder and Bumble they allow their users to see the location of the person with whom they want to connect with. Geolocation helps users to track whether the person to whom they are talking is near to them or somewhere far.

It also helps those who search for matches nearby their location. With this feature, users can date the person who is nearer to them and further start the friendship.

Swiping Function

Now, how the user will decide to keep the person as a friend or to ignore them because it is not their type. Here “Swiping function” feature comes in, simply you can choose the person you want to date just by swiping. The right swipe will show the approval of the user, whereas the left swipe will delete the request sent by any user. It is similar to the way we agree or accept requests on Instagram. When we want to befriend someone, we simply follow them back or allow them to follow us. But opposite if we are not interested in the request we simply decline it by deleting it or ignoring it.

Similarly, in dating apps users get the swiping option. Simply swipe right to accept the request or swipe left to reject the request.


“Privacy” is a very important feature that every dating app must provide. Through this feature, the user can very well keep his/her account private or public, depending upon their choice. Some users do not like sharing every detail about them at once, they don’t feel comfortable and want to keep things private unless they completely know the person.

Not just this but the “privacy” feature makes your app more trustworthy and the first choice of the users. Because they feel safe and secure while posting anything on the app or while using the app.

Matching Preferences

Provide one section where the user can enter the information, to tell what type of person he/she wants to date. So that depending upon their likes and dislikes the users will take the next step. Don’t just keep it to dating, even if users find someone compatible for marriage. Provide a wider section for them as well. Develop a dating app that is available for all age groups.

You can ask for the user’s profession, birth details, and kundali details too. To make the reach of the app even for those who are looking for marriage. To make this feature more genuine and add it with all the essential requirements.

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